Fall is an audiovisual installation composed by three TV sets stacked up one over another, showing a waterfall that when flowing becomes image and sound noises.


The fall is split in three parts, one for each screen. As the water falls the image pixelates and increasingly gains artificial appearance. The sound heard is a blend of the nature environment and common noise interference from out of air TV sets, which is similar to water falling in great abundance, broadening the ambiguity when distinguishing the present elements.


The idea of this artwork emerged from observing some parallels between the image of a waterfall previously recorded and audiovisual static and noise. These similarities take place both in the audiovisual and, in a conceptual way, towards human and technologies development.


Throughout image, sound and objects dialog some aspects are covered in this work. Among those there are the even dimmer border between the natural and the artificial and further on the matter of the widespread contamination of both media and technology as well as the environment. The old TV sets contribute to this collapsed, decadent and falling character.


:: Fall, 2018 - audiovisual installation composed by three 29 inch TV sets playing three 640 x 480p videos with 2’26”, 2'33” and 2’33” respectively, on loop.


views of the installation