Marmúrio is an audiovisual installation that comes from a performatic act. The work is formed by a small concrete brick wall having an image of sea projected on it. The performance consists of the gradual removal of the bricks, that are placed on the sides and in front of the space, in order to form a new spatial relation between image and objects.


At the same time that the wall's removal “frees” the image, the distribution of the bricks in its front blocks the passage of light, producing shadows that resemble new buildings that are being built.


The name of this work comes from the Portuguese words “mar” (sea), “muro” (wall) and “murmúrio” (murmur), the last one meaning the continuous noise of the sea waves or of the running water.


:: Marmúrio, 2018 - Audiovisual installation composed by concrete bricks and HD video (16:9) with 8'53” projected on loop.