The Beautiful Closed Alexandre Sequeira’s House is an audiovisual installation composed by a text, a movie, twelve photographies and a recorded testimony. Two monitors are mounted side by side on the wall. In one of them a film shows an old house, full of objects and memories, closed for a long time, wich opens during the narrative. To watch this images is necessary to open the wooden box that houses the monitor. On the next screen is shown a text about the experience of being a guest of this place. Small photographies and the house’s dweller audio testimony complete the artwork.


This work originated while I took part on an artistic residency in Belém do Pará (Brazil), at the house of Alexandre Sequeira, a visual artist and researcher. He invited and hosted coleagues to work at Residência São Jerônimo, his family’s old house wich had a noble past, and that has been closed and swallowed by the city during the last decades.


All the piece was developed from a text I wrote during my staying in the place. It is shown on a monitor as if it was a subtitle of an nonexistent movie, and it can also bee seen as a text that illustrates a completely dark environment, and consequently, closed. The next monitor is housed by a wooden box, the door is closed. One can only listen to the audio of the movie, that shows the opening of the house, firstly from its inside and after that to the street. To see the images the box has to be opened, in a role reversal game: the text aquires an audiovisual piece format and it's acessible, while the image is presented covered and blocked by an object that has to be overpassed.


Completing the installation the twelve photographs, made by mobile phone, are set on the wall around a mini speaker, that transmits the dweller’s testimony about the house's history.


:: The Beautiful Closed Alexandre Sequeira’s House, 2017 | text that composes the installation - HD video (16:9) with 10’54” shown on 20 inches monitor, on loop.


:: The Beautiful Closed Alexandre Sequeira’s House, 2017 | film that composes the installation HD video (16:9) with 10’54” shown on 20 inches monitor, on loop.


:: Parcial view of the assembled installation.