Insomniac is a series of photographs that intends to show in a ludic way one of the most significant aspects of contemporary society, which is our relation with time.


In each work of the present series one and only view is photographed many times within an approximate period of four hours, from the end of the day to nightfall. The final artworks are composed by digital cuts, in the daily images, of all the windows, commercial environments or any other places where people inhabit, work or share the same spaces. These cuts are pasted one by one under a night photograph giving the impression that all of them are “being turned on” and cohabited at the same time.


Through the construction of unusual landscapes a dark empty outdoor world is revealed, opposing to indoor environments which never stop to work or turn off, in an imagery metaphor of a society that abolishes day and night, home and work, personal and collective borders.


Among so many other afflictions and illnesses triggered by new experiences we've been through, insomnia is one of the most common and symbolic. Through the production of these photographic assemblages the intention of the artwork is to illustrate part of the body of questions involved in this new order we live in.