Improvisional is a photographic installation which the title is a junction of two words that have a lot in common.


The artwork began when urban interventions started to happen in my neighborhood, with the intention of substituting the region's gas pipes. What called my attention first was the operations involving the cut out of geometrical parts of the streets and sidewalks and their immediate replacement, presenting new visual configurations, looking like badly made puzzles. Many other forms of interventions on the sidewalks also came up. I decided to register these scenes, amazed by the curiosity those patches had awaken on me.


Some days after I noticed that the spaces previously cut out begun to be covered by big iron plates which had in common the inscription “provisional” stamped in many different forms, colors and sizes, however carrying the same visual identity. I started giving a thought about the nature of those warnings that day after day appeared more frequently on the neighbor streets. I begun to record these interferences with my analog camera.


Then the issue over the urbanization and development of cities – specially the Brazilian ones – came up, and the way how this continuous renewing happens and forms patchworks over the ones we walk and live. From those observations I decided to use the double-exposition technique on the films I had produced, on a third phase of registers which I did moving around the city, mostly from the subways’ trains.


The series here presented is composed by images captured on these three moments and with different technical methods (digital photography and double exposition of 35mm photographic film).


The development of our cities reflects Brazil’s biography. A country with an extremely irregular and disturbed social and political history, with a few moments of stability surrounded by constant turbulence and numerous forms of violence. As a huge construction site which holds an endless work. Improvisional seeks to portrait some of this reality.


> PHOTOGRAPHS - digital recordings 

> PHOTOGRAPHS - analog recordings