This Was, Is, and Will Be is a series of photographs of private places, taken over a period of time that varies from hours to two or three days. The final works are formed by countless fragments of photos of the same scene, taken at different moments. The results are views of familiar places and situations that also provoke a sense of disorientation and produce an effect of doubt and illusion, in an experience of exploration and expansion of temporal and visual possibilities, within the photographic narrative.


The concept of this work came from the idea of presenting, through a language taken to be static and frozen, a singular temporality, in a sort of archaeological exploration – visual and mnemonic - of commom places where we live and spend most of our lives.


Furniture, flooring, tiles, walls and carpets shelter long and extensive time, with its marks, stains, accumulations and imperfections. The time that ages things and in which we age. The movement of lights, shadows, doors, windows and objects denote daily time, the one that passes every minute in front of us, and which is a sign of our presence and existence.


The time of life and the time of living. In both cases, we often don’t perceive them; but one can learn how to see.