Antipodes is a series consisting of photographs and videos recorded by cell phone during travels in 2015 and 2016.


Antipode is a word that designates two diametrically opposed points in geographical means, and thus, very distant places. Antipode also refers to the antagonistic and, consequently, to the different.


In 2015, during a trip to Japan I've been to the small island of Naoshima, where I made some registers of houses and facades of local constructions.


In 2016, during a trip to Pará I had the opportunity to visit the small city of Ajuruteua. When walking and observing the place I began to see similarities between both localities. Despite of geographic and cultural opposition I was seduced by the possibility of finding links between two worlds so far apart. The idea of joining both works in the same series came up right away.


The video recordings of displacements in Japan and Pará are a way to bring these two antipodes universes even closer.